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Foot Percussion Instruments

Pivot Pedal Standard – Spalted Laurel Oak

The pedal in the photos is the exact pedal you will receive.

Included: Pivot Pedal 230301STN, 1 Pedal Pouch, 1 Sound Capsule (your choice)

Model: Standard (one size only)
Species: Spalted Laurel Oak (Quercus Laurifolia)
Reclamation Type: Hurricane Recovery
Serial Number: 230301STN

NOTE: Due to the nature of the wood we reclaim most pieces have cracks that have been stylishly filled with colored epoxy for added strength and durability.


Recommended Use: Pivot Pedals have two parallel standard 1/4″ TS instrument cable audio output jacks. Plug your instrument cable into either jack of the Pivot Pedal and plug the other end into your mixer or powered speaker. Then place your foot on top of the Pivot Pedal and start stomping/tapping. Slowly raise the volume on the mixer or powered speaker until the desired volume is reached, then mix to your liking. (NOTE: This foot drum was designed for performing musicians. Users will have the best results when using professional grade equipment). As can be expected, the floor or stage surface you play on may affect the tone of the instrument as well. Harder surfaces may produce sharper sounds while softer surfaces (like carpet) may produce more muffled or muted sounds. Pivot Pedal “Original” also comes with two 8in hook and loop foot straps that can be looped over the audio output jack and used to secure the player’s foot into place. Strapping a player’s foot in helps to “bond” the player to the instrument for better control which also adds opportunity for creative new beats.

Measure your SHOE from heel to toe to determine the right “Original” pedal size for you, we offer 12 inch & 13 inch pedal sizes. The “Standard” is one size only.

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 5.25 × 4.5 in


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