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Justin Morissini – Performer, Guitar/Keyboard/Singer – Oviedo, FL:Pivot pedals are the secret tool that I’ve been missing in my live performances. I use both the Kick Drum and Maraca capsules side by side, and they absolutely take my playing to the next level. Stomping while playing guitar helps keep my rhythm honest, and there’s no comparison to the sound benefit. My playing sounds so empty without using the Pivots. The Pivot Standard works well for keyboard playing, and I can play guitar for hours with the Original without getting tired. Pivot pedals are reliable and have consistently good sound – the bass is always deep and rich. I can’t recommend them enough and wouldn’t be caught at a gig without them!

Craig Wilson – Performer, Guitar/Singer – Mt. Dora, FL: “So I glad I have the pivot pedals. I’ve tried the Ortega Horse Kick and I struggled with it. It kept moving around and my leg would tire out after a few songs. The Pivot Pedal Original straps to my foot so there’s no need to look down now! Heel stomping is a game changer, now I can play for 4 hours without tiring out. And the sound is awesome! Thick and deep just like a real kick drum. And the maraca sound is the perfect accent to fill the spaces in between. After getting used to them I play with these at every show now… and every time I get folks asking about them or just staring at my feet as I play. Way to go Pivot Percussion, homerun!”

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